Montenegro is moving towards a more sustainable and inclusive future - one EIA and SEA at a time

On February 7, under the CO-SEED project, GreenHome led a roundtable on EIA and SEA topics. Roundtable had more 30 participants from ministries/agencies, private companies and NGOs with representatives from more than 30 government ministries/agencies, investors, companies, and NGOs to discuss the fundamental importance of comprehensive and quality EIAs and SEAs; and the new draft law on EIA. During the half-day session the participants agreed to the following principals to both preserve Montenegro's natural values and foster economic growth:

1.       Through the Law on SEA define the obligation of the mandatory establishment of committees for the assessment of SEA Reports 

2.       Prioritize informing the public and change perceptions about the importance of environmental impact assessments

3.       Build the capacity of CSOs, decision makers and members of committees for assessment of EIA/SEA

4.       Improve the preparation of technical documentation by investors; by including environmental experts in the process of preparing technical documentation/Preliminary or Main designs.

5.       Government to fund additional research of Montenegro's biodiversity