EIA and SEA Checklists were presented to CSOs in Turkey

WWF-Turkey organized a round table to present the EIA and SEA Checklists to civil society organizations (CSOs). The round table meeting took place on 12 February 2018, in İstanbul. Representatives from at least 15 CSOs from all over Turkey attended the meeting which started with a short presentation of the CO-SEED project.

After discussing the current situation related to EIAs and SEA processes in Turkey, WWF-Turkey presented the EIA and SEA Checklists to the participants. The CO-SEED project team prepared the checklists for the use of concerned citizens, representatives of civil society organizations and public authorities as appropriate tools to evaluate completeness of assessments during consultation process thus resulting in solid and meaningful contributions in public consultation meetings.

The Project Coordinator Aslı Gemci underlined “The evaluation of the quality of an environmental study is not exclusively the task of the competent public authority responsible for final decisionmaking; members of local communities, interested public and non-governmental organisations, can and should engage in commenting on the information and conclusions presented in environmental studies. In this way, a study’s fitness to serve as basis for making a development decision can be checked and improved.”

The representatives of CSOs also discussed the neccessary steps to be taken so that the views of the interested public and civil society are taken into consideration in decision making. The participants of the round table emphised that environmental studies are long and difficult documents to evaluate: “For non-practitioners including non-governmental organisations and members of local communities, it is difficult to assess the information and to react to it appropriately. However thaks to these user-friendly checklists, we gained a better understanding on the methodoligies to evaluate the documents.”

More about Checklists : http://co-seed.eu/assets/files/Pjgdm2LKhc-a-checklist-for-the-review-of-strategic-environmental-studiespdf.pdf