Our vision

Civil society acts for environmentally sound socio-economic development (CO-SEED) pursues the following, long-term goals:

  • Awareness raising includes communications support to all activities, as well as dedicated work with selected media. These activities will increase the understanding of the general public about their rights and responsibilities as members of democratic societies, increase their awareness and understanding on participatory governance, and provide them with examples of participation in decision making to use as models for future behaviour, all of which will produce a lasting change in society.
  • Active participation is the practical application of specific EIA and SEA knowledge gained by beneficiary CSOs in capacity building. It will provide them the opportunity to contribute (i) specifically to ongoing EIA/SEA public consultations through comments, and (ii) to the overall decision-making process by developing tools for objective and transparent evaluation of assessment documents. Successful completion of these activities will demonstrate that CSOs can be constructive partners in EIA/SEA decision making.
  • All members of society need to be justly and equally included in decision-making process of EIAs and SEAs if sustainable use of natural resources is to be achieved. The weakness in implementation of participatory governance in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey stems from (i) the flawed regulatory framework and the lack of (ii) capacity and knowledge, (iii) experience and (iv) interest on the part of the public to constructively contribute to decision making. Resolving this cannot be done by fixing one problem only; rather it requires a concerted approach dealing with all four issues simultaneously. Therefore, this Project is founded on four pillars which will jointly deliver the specific objective: (i) capacity building, (ii) legislative improvement, (iii) active participation and (iv) awareness raising. The Project is anchored in the CSOs – both project partners and beneficiary CSOs - as “agents of change”, who will implement activities and initiate policy and awareness changes, but it also depends on the active participation of media as the catalyst for raising awareness.