The project, which was developed by DOÇEV- Nature and Environment Foundation in collaboration with Pamukkale University Department of Environmental Engineering and Chamber of Environmental Engineering Denizli Agency, is one of the five projects in Turkey supported by the CO-SEED Program. With its stakeholders, DOÇEV aimed to increase its capacity to evaluate the possible environmental impacts of projects, plans and programs in the EIA and SEA processes, to determine the opinions and suggestions of the local people and to voice their opinions in public participation meetings.

Within the framework of the project implemented in 2017- 2018;
- The reports prepared from the field research and questionnaire study conducted during the two EIA processes in the region were shared with the participants at the public participation meetings.
- Conferences were organized at Pamukkale University (Denizli) Department of Environmental Engineering and Selçuk University (Konya) Department of Environmental Engineering.
- The EIA Literacy event was organized for the members of Denizli Bar Association and Denizli Journalists Association.
- A workshop was held with the participation of NGOs from nearby cities to create a sharing environment on EIA practices.
- The capacity building meetings were participated in Albania, Serbia, Montenegro and Turkey organized by WWF-Turkey.
- The proposed amendment for the EIA Regulation was given to the public authority to establish the legal basis for the active participation of civil society organizations in EIA processes.
Project Team
- Bahtiyar Aksoy - Project Coordinator (DOÇEV-Nature and Environment Foundatiton)
- Gül Şahin – Project Manager (DOÇEV- Nature and Environment Foundatiton)
- Professor Doctor Osman Nuri Ağdağ – Project Team Member (PAÜ-Faculty of Engineering – Department of Environmental Engineering, Head of Department)
- Research Assistant Yağmur Meltem Aydın – Project Team Member (PAÜ- Faculty of Engineering – Department of Environmental Engineering, Lecturer)
- Certified Environmental Engineer Tevfik Basmacı – Project Team Member (Chamber of Environmental Engineers Denizli Delegate)

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